We are an initiative for supporting rail and transport development in South East Europe with focusing on railway research, development and innovation.

The SEESARI initiative is built on the need to set up a platform on which to build a structure that will support the SEE Area (SEEA) in identifying, developing and implementing innovative solutions for the South East European Railway System as part of the future European Railway System.

The huge significance of SEESARI is that it is helping to build bridges and break down walls and that the end result will be a more interoperable rail network, that is truly acting as the transport backbone of the SEE Area and contributing to greater mobility and economic objectives in Europe.

SEESARI is supported by International Union of Railways (UIC), Community of European Railways (CER), SHIFT2RAIL JU and many others.

The main stakeholders are railway operators and infrastructure managers, railway and transport associations, universities and research organizations, manufacturers and suppliers of technical equipment, financial institutions, NGOs, national and regional authorities, and other interested organizations from South East Europe and wider..

SEESARI is not limited only to South East Europe, since transport has no boundaries, and includes also other countries with transport corridors connected to SEE.

seesari's main priorities

Integration of passenger transport

Integration of ticketing systems and IT solutions in rail passenger transport to achieve better competitiveness of rail transport

Regional railway network

Revitalisation of regional railway lines – improvement of infrastructure, new and innovative passenger services and sustainable freight transport and logistics services

Railway rolling stock

Improvement of quality, joint procurement of railway rolling stock

Interoperability and technical standards

Improvement of interoperability to ensure seamless mobility without delay or operational constraints on borders

Social component/ human resources

Offering best education and training opportunities, skilled and highly motivated labour force and reorganized railway staff in order to achieve high-quality services

Cooperation in freight transport

Removing technical and administrative bottlenecks and achieving a single European railway area in freight transport

High-speed rail network

Development of the high-speed rail network in SEE and connecting SEE with the rest of Europe


Dr. Peter Verlič
Executive Chairman
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Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
Chairman, General Assembly
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Blaž Jemenšek
Head of Secretariat

Nelson Šorgo
Executive director


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The purpose and aim of the SEESARI is to develop, update, and link and to innovate the transportation network in South Eastern Europe (SEE) with a specific focus on rail in close cooperation and coordination, involving all stakeholders.